[Vacation Rental] Why Fukuoka is Chance.

Is it legal?

In Japan, Vacation Rental is basically illegal. In the first place, accommodations and residences can’t be intermingled in one same building. Which means you can never do apartment vacation rental. You also have to have “front desk” which is able to correspond troubles 24/7, the room must be larger than 4.5 square meter, and the room has to have a dressing room which is larger than 1.6 square meter.

Deregulation in Fukuoka.

Those bylaws above are deregulated in Fukuoka in December 2016. When its capacity is less than 10 people and as long as it carries out sane type of operation, “front desk” is not must but large enough entrance is required, it can be smaller than 4.5 square meter, and dressing room is not required to be larger than 1.6 square meter but be large proper.

Now is the best opportunity.

As it’s deregulated recently, not so many people have the room which fit those bylaws. What if you can get the room which fulfills every conditions? No one can stop you. Nothing illegal is greater than legal, right? Do not miss this great opportunity. We AirbAgent, can provide you any piece of real estate you want. Or we can make your own facility as vacation rental style.

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